Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mathematics Olympiad For Junior High School

Soal Olimpiade Sains Nasional (OSN) Bidang Matematika SMP
Level math olympics junior high school students had higher when compared about elementary school students. Hard work and lots of practice so that students or your child can be the best theory or even the best experiment in National Mathematics Olympiad. Here's an example about Junior Olympics in mathematics that can be used for training.

  1. Jane typed a 6-digit number into a faulty computer in which the 1 (one) key was broken. The number appearing on the screen was 2003, possibly with some blank spaces. How many different 6-digit numbers could Jane have typed?
  2. In a test of 20 questions 5 marks are given for each correct answer and 2 are deducted for each incorrect answer. Alan did all the questions and scored 58. How many correct answers did he have?
  3. A whole number between 1 and 99 is not greater than 90, not less than 30, not a perfect square, not even, not a prime, not divisible by 3 and its last digit is not 5. What is the number?
You can download the pdf version (complete) by clicking the link below.

Problem And Solution Mathematics Olympiad 7-9 Grades (SMP) download

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